Travelling with Expensive Equipment


We take pride in building custom foam inserts for our customers.  The custom foam helps to protect and organize their gear.  If everything has its place within a case, packing up is easy and if you have an empty spot in the case you know right away what’s missing.  Pelican and SKB cases are made to protect during transit and protect against the environment.  The custom foam adds to that protection.  Change gear later, we can always repurpose the case with new custom foam to fit the new equipment! 


Custom Foam for Cases, Boxes, Anything!


Custom Foam for Cases, Boxes, Anything!

Dulles Case Center is always amazed at the projects we get to work on for our customers. We create custom foam for any kind of cases or boxes. Sometimes we repurpose old cases customers have with new foam to hold new equipment or gear. And sometimes our customers are so creative…for example this Purple soft sided case that we made a custom foam insert to hold their Serbu firearm. We love the challenges and creativity our customers bring us!

Custom Foam for Gun Cases

Tan Colt LE 6920 and Black Stag Model #1 Dulles Case Center is here to fabricate a custom foam insert to protect your firearms. We can make one case or outfit a whole law enforcement group with cases. Using technology, we create a CAD drawing of your firearms in Solid Works and them import the file to our CNC machine. The machine will custom cut 2# Polyethylene foam to fit your firearms, magazines, and accessories in one of our Pelican or SKB cases, or your case, storage locker, or presentation box. Generally in the lid we will put convoluted foam (egg crate looking foam) to secure the items down below. Visit our website for more information about us. Or visit Facebook (Custom Cases at Dulles Case Center) or Pinterest (Dulles Case Center) to see photos of cases with custom foam we have done for our customers.

Custom Foam for Cases in Northern Virginia

Motorola Radio Systems and ChargerDulles Case Center is located in northern Virginia near Dulles Airport and is here to help you with Custom Foam Inserts for Pelican, Storm, SKB, and Hardigg cases. Or custom foam for cardboard boxes. We design your custom foam insert from pictures, CAD files, specs on the internet, and measurements when we have the items in person. We use Solidworks to create a drawing for your approval and then export the file as a .dxf file to the CNC machines for cutting. Our CNC uses a fine knife blade rather than a round router bit. This allows for a very clean and precise cut in the foam. We’re here to help you organize your gear and safely transport it or ship it!

Custom Foam vs Pick and Pluck

Many customers ask us about our custom foam and the cost of custom vs. pick and pluck foam. Yes, the custom foam does cost more than buying a case with off the shelf pick and pluck foam. But when you get it home, if you had us make a custom foam insert, the work is already done. You don’t have to figure out how to fit all those round items in square holes, or go to the store and buy an exacto knife to cut the foam, or come back to us and purchase a second set of pick and pluck foam once the first set has been chopped up. Don’t get us wrong, pick and pluck serves it purpose if you have to pack a case right this minute and have some foam protection around the items in the case. However, if this case is being presented to a customer for their review, or you are going to take the items in and out of the case many, many times, please invest in custom foam. We say invest because invest implies it’s for the long term. You want the foam to look good each time you open the case. When you account for your time picking and plucking vs our custom foam insert, it’s really not that much more expensive. And it’s cheaper than buying that second set of pick and pluck foam. And when comparing price alone, you’re comparing apples and oranges. The two foams are different…pick and pluck is urethane and our custom foam is a closed cell polyethylene. As one of our customers tells us, we make them look good to their customer, when everything is packaged nicely in our custom foam.